SHE’S ELECTRIC A Soundtrack Part One

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In the first of a two part blog, SHE’S ELECTRIC author Nick Amies writes about the BritPop soundtrack that inspired his novel and formed the background to his younger years.

Author Nick AmiesWhen I write, I always see the scenes as they go down onto the page as if they’re playing on a screen in my head. I watch the story unfold in my mind and write down what I see. With this cinematic approach, there is always a soundtrack and when writing She’s Electric, it was the music which played as similarly great and chaotic times played out in my own Britpop life. There were those euphoric, chin-out moments of belligerent self belief scored by songs like Cigarettes and Alcohol, Jailbird and Popscene. There were swaying displays of beer-fuelled brotherhood with friends and strangers to the tune of I am the Mob, The Day We Caught The Train and Just When You’re Thinking Things Over, and then there were those mornings of self reflection and a little self loathing when songs like Your Love it Lies, Altogether and Lazy would be a little too close to the bone. That was the thing with Britpop: whatever mood you were in, what ever situation you got yourself into, there would be a song that reflected that. As the years move on, these songs are still attached to those memories but also still ring true in experiences I have twenty years on.

As well as being posted here, Nick’s hour and a half selected playlist is now available on Spotify titled SHE’S ELECTRIC Part One. If you have Spotify give it a follow. If not, why not?!!

Part Two of this blog on can be read here.

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