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She's Electric book cover

When I first read the novel of SHE’S ELECTRIC two years ago I was convinced that it would make a great cinematic experience – hilariously funny, a sharp and snappy visual experience and a cracking soundtrack that would take audiences back to the heady days of BritPop.

But the reality is a film like SHE’S ELECTRIC needs a decent budget in order to be made.

And as a film-maker I know that to get this pitch in front of the movie industry’s money people – the investors and production funds – we’re going to need to spend a bit up front first .

That’s where you come in. Yes, YOU.

By making a donation to our development fund you can help us get this film in front of the people with the financial clout to make it a reality.

So now you’re asking “What does this ‘development fund’ mean?”

Well, it means we can set up a mini-company within Eye Films to make the film.

It means we can formally and legally buy an option from the book’s author Nick Amies to develop the script (we already have a rough first draft but it needs more work on it).

It means we can create a proof of concept for investors with some artwork, photography and a dummy trailer.

It means we can engage a line production company to draw up a budget and shoot schedule.

And it means we can create a business plan and prospectus that our line production company can put in front of the many film production funds they have contacts with here in the UK and the USA.

We can do all of this – and massively increase the chances of SHE’S ELECTRIC reaching the silver screen – for around £10k.

It sounds like a lot. It IS a lot.

But since we launched the official film website in June we’ve had over 2000 hits.

We’ve had countless sign ups to our supporter’s page.

We’ve had loads of people follow our recently launched playlists on Spotify.

And if everyone of those expressing an interest in the film gave just £5 to the development fund we would have met our target weeks ago.

We would be making the trailer within the next few weeks.

We’d be pitching the film to investors in the autumn.

And SHE’S ELECTRIC could be on the big screen within 18 months.

A fiver. The cost of a few drinks on a Friday night. Less than the cost of an album on Amazon. Less than a CD at HMV.

Without YOUR support, SHE’S ELECTRIC will NOT be made.

Noel Gallagher moneySo help us get the ball rolling.

Help us create that proof of concept.

Help us get the film in front of investors and then in front of an audience.





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