SHE’S ELECTRIC A Soundtrack Part Two

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In the second part of a two part blog, SHE’S ELECTRIC screenwriter and director Jon Rosling considers the BritPop era and the music that forms the soundtrack to his memories.

BritPop directorWriting the screenplay to Nick’s novel She’s Electric was a great reminisce for me. It was a look back on those formative years and on the music and culture of the time. And it was a great chance to revisit not just classic tracks from the Britpop period but look over some of the lesser known stuff too, to consider some of the influences that sit out of the Britpop era. In that vein, I’ve included bands like Jesus Jones and The Las in this playlist, who’s tracks pre-date the 1994 kick off point but who’s British indie feel cannot be denied. So why these tracks? Well, the mid-1990s saw some major turning points in life for me personally – the kinds of memories that stand out for everyone in life – first job, moving into your first place, that true independence that comes with a certain age. The music that was the background couldn’t fail but be part of those memories and it was fortuitous that my life coincided with this great surge in musical creativity.  Britpop was more than the music though – it was a mood, a feeling, arguably a cultural movement. It’s been hard to whittle a list down to 25 personally influential tracks. I feel guilty that Design For Life by the Manics isn’t in there; and I really questioned whether Babylon Zoo’s Spaceman should be. But then this was a playlist that was more about feeling and memory, about time and place, not just the music in itself. Really, that’s what our film is about – about evoking a strong sense of time, of place and of the people we were then. Enjoy.

As well as being posted here, my hour and a three quarters selected playlist is now available on Spotify titled SHE’S ELECTRIC Part Two. If you have Spotify give it a follow. If not, why not?!

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