She’s Electric: McKinley’s Story

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In the second of a short series of posts, we share with you sections from the SHE’S ELECTRIC book that won’t make it into the film. Here, McKinley – one of the main characters – gives us some of his back story…

I never really knew or cared for that matter if the boys understood what was going on with me. To be honest, I didn’t fucking know myself half the time. I just knew that I’d come into this situation from a completely different angle from everyone else. Not just because I was older and I had a bird, but because they were finding their way every day whereas I’d found mine. I was just on the hard shoulder waiting for the breakdown lorry to pick me up. The fact that it took about three years to get going again was a bit of a surprise but I knew I would be on my way eventually. I suppose the others also knew deep down that this wasn’t the be-all and end-all. But I knew exactly what I was working towards and where I’d be. I was on a holiday from real life. What a fucking vacation that was…

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