enter site PRESS RELEASE 12/12/2017 AUTHOR NICK AMIES & EYE FILMS PART COMPANY; PROJECT CONTINUING, NEW PARTNERS SOUGHT UK author Nick Amies and independent film production company Eye Films announce that they have ended their collaboration on the SHE’S ELECTRIC film project after Eye Films decided against pursuing this or any projects until a reassessment of the company is complete in 2018. “As we move into 2018, Eye Films will be considering its position in terms of both corporate and commercial work, and it’s roster of short and feature film projects,” a source at the company stated. “This means we cannot pursue the development of SHE’S ELECTRIC with the determination, zeal and fervour that the project demands and so we have agreed with Nick to conclude our involvement.”

enter site “We still passionately believe that Nick’s story will make a fantastic, funny and fond look back at the experience of Britpop and the mid-1990s and wish him all the luck in the world in securing a new production partner and funding.”

follow link buy viagra professional 20 mg The film project and the current GoFundMe campaign to raise the development funding needed will continue. Contributions that have already been received from supporters have been secured and retained, and have been transferred to the new crowdsourcing campaign.

follow With a fantastic early version of the script already finished and with numerous high-profile companies and personalities expressing their desire to join the project once funding is secured, the focus now turns to finding a new production company which will be able to continue the great work already carried out by Eye Films and to deliver a film that will honour the spirit and humour of Nick’s novel.

“It’s a real shame that this collaboration has to end as the work Eye Films had done to this point was very encouraging and we were getting a lot of strong interest,” said author Nick Amies. “Now the search begins for a company who can deliver on this considerable promise and bring Britpop to the big screen.”

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