SHE’S ELECTRIC concept art posters by Ash Loydon

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After being hugely impressed with his work displayed on the blog, ASH’S ARTHOLE, SHE’S ELECTRIC author Nick Amies began collaborating with acclaimed UK artist and illustrator ASH LOYDON on a series of potentially iconic movie posters for the film. With the brief to come up with individual images based on character profiles from the novel, with the famous Trainspotting posters acting as a blueprint, Ash has delivered three examples featuring some of the main characters: Danny and Karen, Filthy Rob and Monica AKA DJ Sonique. It is the intention of both sides to continue to develop these ideas and this partnership and bring Ash on board as a full member of the production team once the project reaches that stage. Until then, please enjoy and appreciate his first contributions…

©Ash Loydon

Twitter: @AshtonLamont

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