She’s Electric: Rob’s Story

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In the third of a short series of posts, we share with you sections from the SHE’S ELECTRIC book that won’t make it into the film. Here, Rob – one of the main characters – gives us some of his back story…

Of course I lied about doing acid. I’m not stupid, despite what many people think. First of all, I lied to fit in. Then I lied to avoid the harassment which I knew would follow as soon as I admitted I’d never tried LSD. Then I lied to cover up the lie.

If anyone of the lads knew what my state of mind was like back then, they would have understood but no-one really knew because I never really said. No-one really said anything. We all talked a lot but we never really said anything. There were times when someone opened up a bit and let a bit of soul shine through but usually the guards stayed up. It was not the time to talk about feelings – that brief time had quickly passed and had been shat on by the return of macho belligerence – it was a time to indulge and to be seen indulging. Everyone had to be bulletproof. So I was bulletproof. At least I tried to be…

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