SHE’S ELECTRIC: The Mild Mannered Army Interview

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SHE’S ELECTRIC author and screenwriter Nick Amies recently talked to Paul Laird of the Mild Mannered Army blog about his book, the film project and, naturally, their shared love of Britpop. The conversation took in subjects such as the rise of Britpop, its impact, love letters to THE BLUETONES and SUEDE among many others, and of course a fair bit of chat about Nick’s novel SHE’S ELECTRIC and the ongoing efforts to bring the story to the silver screen.

Paul is a prolific blogger and commentator on all things Britpop (and many other things besides) and is one of the newest, yet brightest lights in the resurgent scene. We are very happy and grateful to have him as a firm supporter of what we are trying to achieve with the film project and thank him unconditionally for all he’s done and is doing to get our message out there.

You can listen to Paul’s conversation with Nick here:

Mild Mannered Army Episode 5 – Nick Amies (She’s Electric) 


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