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Here are the latest supporters of our film project SHE’S ELECTRIC. You can add your name to this roll of honour free of charge here.

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First NameLast NameTown or CityCountryMy Britpop memory
Simon Hollis London UK Down the park, endless summer, adidas campus, shine 3 on the Discman, booting footballs at girls we liked after necking bottles of Hooch, cycling home on my Raleigh Draken listening to Northern Uproar, what a time to be alive!
Matthew Higgins Oldham England Some of my earliest memories of being alive are surrounded in an audio/visual haze of Britpop, namely Blur's Girls and Boys and Country House. My elder sister and her friends slowly converted to guitar music by Definitely Maybe away from the god awful Happy Hardcore scene. It wasn't until I left school about 2005 I really looked back and discovered but this would be something I would love to see.
Fiona MacKenzie InverG Scotland Being absolutely hammered and high at every gig I ever had or went to.
Chalermkiat Petchpenpong Bangkok Thailand I've first heard of Oasis when I was 14 it was 4 years ago been madferrit ever since ! they bring many other bands into my life The Beatles, The Stone Roses, Blur, The Verve, The Jam and much much more !
WILLIAM SHELTON Fredericksburg United States
Jason Milton Folkestone England My favourite memory was going to see Oasis at Knebworth,absolutely brilliant,will never forget it.
Si Atkinson Manchester UK Don’t have fact can’t remember F*** all of the nineties.
Joe Brody Offalu Ireland I wasn't born during the Britpop era so I live it every day now.
Stephen Bakke East Kilbride United Kingdom Driving to Irvine Beach to see the mighty oasis. Clouds starting to clear as we get closer to Irvine with oasis blaring through the car speakers, all the while a mini joint rolling factory happening on the back seats of the car. Fookin mad fer it
Charlie Hart Birmingham UK First seeing the video for Live Forever on a portable TV in a university hall of residence kitchen and it stopping me in my tracks